Our first guest.
I know !
Finally, another voice on this…
On this…
On this what ?
Miraculously ongoing, eccentric and provocative excuse of a podcast ?
Meet Meredith Hooke from Zensmarts.com, a former Hedge Fund Trader now Buddhist and meditation expert.
I know, it sounds so cool, uh ?
Inconceivably enough, Meredith accepted to participate to our show after listening to one of our episodes.
Yeah, Buddhists are the shit !


I must admit, I was far from happy at the end of the podcast.
No, I was fucking pissed off at Tim !
Seems like he was the guest of the show.
Talking non-stop.
He and his “Diva” complex.
Fair enough, he was witty as usual, but still…
Fuck me !
Meredith was the guest, she should have had the majority of the talking time
I could imagine all the other people we wanted to invite just declining one by one.
“Well, what’s the use if the old guy monopolizes the mic ?”
What’s the use ?

And then, I’ve remembered.
Thanks to the Jack Kornfield on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour’s podcast, I’ve remembered.
What was the objective here ?
Being different and original.
Showing authenticity and imperfection.
Offering an alternative.
All that…
And because of Jack, I re-connected to what was important here.
See how scary that is ?
Not following the standard model and narrative.
Tim was applying that during the podcast.
But me ?
I couldn’t let go.
And it shows on the recording.
All rigid.
Trying to stick to a more classical form of interview.
What does this mean anyway ?
I am not proud of myself and I recognize it.
And I stop whining now !

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Olivier Larvor