Why are we here

Why Are We Here ?

Hold on to your seat, we have a prestigious guest in the house !
American best selling author John Strelecky joined us on this episode to discuss the meaning of life.
And no, it is not “42”.
Ok, you need to know this : I’ve spent at least twenty minutes to write these three lines and that’s the best I can do.
How the fuck do you come up with an original introduction that doesn’t sound cheesy anyway ?
Yeah, talent I guess…
Moving on.

I feel close to John.
And no, it is not because of the hat he constantly wears on his pictures.
Obviously, I wish my head was better shaped and that I could wear elegantly a Stetson instead of looking like a dick.
So no, it not because of the hat.
But the fact that he decided to leave his consultancy job and went backpacking around the world instead.
Pursuing what he really loved doing : travelling !
Perhaps I wasn’t as adventurous as John, but I can relate to the desire of exploring, discovering other parts of the world.
Be free !
How appealing !

As I mentioned in the podcast, just after college, I was hired by an audit firm.
It took me a couple of weeks to realize that there was no way I could stay there.
Be an accountant.
Shit !
Stuck in the same position for God knows how long.
Looking at my colleagues employed for 10 to 20 years in the office.
The binders, spreadsheets, cabinets, suits and ties, lunches in the common area…
The routine.
The boredom.
Invariably, I was asking myself :”Is that all there is ?”
Resigning after 9 months, I headed to Ireland, craving for adventures, fun and meaning in my life.

And it comes down to this.
One of the most important questions that John asks in the podcast: why are we here ?
What’s our purpose in life ?
A fucking powerful question…
And we don’t necessary need to get suddenly all metaphysical.
It can be actually quite simple.
As simple as living the life we want to live.
Doing what we love to do.

Oh for sure, there are tons of reasons not to even consider the idea.
But when we hear the first regret of the dying :
I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me
Something moves in us.

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Olivier Larvor