We Didn’t F*ck It Up !

We Didn’t F*ck It Up !

A must-listen podcast with the fabulous and super talented Katie Goodman, singer of the hilarious & politically charged song :”I didn’t f*ck it up”.
Katie is a also a brilliant comedian, actress, writer, activist, social critic, public speaker and coach.
Oh, and she used to be a yoga teacher as well!
And, I am sure she knows how to cook a “coq au vin” with one hand, while performing an heart surgery with the other.
Oh wait.
That’s just disgusting…
But, I am sure she could do just that if she wanted.
…while whistling the entire “Marriage of Figaro” opera (about 3 hours).
For sure.
No ?

Anyhow, she is just fucking brilliant !
And I had such a great time discussing with her (while my co-host Tim was doing God knows what, but surely more important…like going to Starbucks for his daily machiatto)
So please, have a listen to Katie talking about her creative process, climate change, activism, the mind of a conservative VS the mind of a liberal, conducting workshop in a big bank, coaching and much more.
A must-listen I tell you.
And I am very conservative here (did you see what I just did !?? Ok, fine, I suck)
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, we didn’t fuck this episode up.

Guess what ?
I am just in love with Katie Goodman.
Her work is so inspiring.
Her progressive ideas
Her creativity
Her songs.
Shit, her songs…so simple, but damn’ so funny and effective.

And I truly believe what Katie does is much more important than what some politics do.
Making people laugh…and think, and get them unstuck, and help them become more authentic too!
Absolutely crucial.

On the same line of thought, a year ago, when I went to Brazil for my ayahuasca retreat, I’ve received the following “insight” during my first ceremony: Laughing is a very serious matter.
Meaning, we will get through this shit with the help of humor and laughter.

And looking at all the challenges we are currently facing, I am choosing Katie’s team any day.
Any day !

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