We Are All Dumb Shoppers

We Are All Dumb Shoppers

Phillip Adcock has 30 years’ experience professionally analysing human behaviour from a commercial perspective.
He heads up one of the UK’s leading specialist behaviour research agencies, that services a client base of some of the very biggest retailers and brands in the World including Asda, Danone, Kraft, Nestlé, Procter and Gamble and Tesco.

So Phillip knows his shit about our buying habits and our impulses when grabbing the yogurts with the green package instead of the white one.
What’s his view on our consumer’s habits ?
Let’s say he is far to be impressed by our conduct.
Roughly, we look like mindless zombies.
And when listening at Phillip’s arguments and data, it is difficult to disagree.

A very valuable episode to wake up and not be just dumb shoppers indeed!

Some topics we have covered:

– Why we are currently in a “sales” retailer cycle ?
– Why when we go to the supermarket, we leave our brain in the car ?
– How Phillip has been dismissed by the UK government when he proposed an effective solution to reduce cigarettes’ consumption ?
– What are the marketing trap you should avoid in the supermarkets ?
– Why JCPenney almost went out of business when they tried to remove all manipulative marketing from their stores ?
– Why women are wiser than men when it comes down to shopping ?

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