Turn Your Problems into Profits

Turn your Problems into Profits

Perception is a bitch.
When my wacky co-host invited “attraction marketing” coach and mentor Tony Teegarden whose website tagline is :”turn your problems into profits”, I was sort of disillusioned.
Far from being excited.
And reading Tony’s latest blog post :”The $29 to $25,000 case study” didn’t help for sure.
I was playing the words “marketing”, “money” and “profit” in my head.
Obviously I was bias.
And I could only picture the social, environmental and economical problems resulting directly from our never ending quest for financial wealth.
The dreadful consequences of profit.
Directly opposed to my personal values.
So, in all honesty, I was ready to promptly dismiss Tony without giving him a chance.
How narrow-minded and stupid I was!
Little I knew it would be one of the most profound podcast we ever recorded…

So when we started our conversation, I didn’t really listened to Tony.
I was not present.
Thinking at the word “profit” and everything it implied.
At the work issues I had to solve.
At the fact that I was in Paris on my own, away from my family.
At how it sucked currently.
It clouded everything.

And despite Tony being a musician
Despite being humorous.
Despite being interesting and bringing new topics on the table such as conversational hypnosis and shadow work.
Despite mentioning that he wasn’t interested about the money.
It didn’t really matter, I wasn’t really listening.
And you can actually feel it clearly during the podcast.
I am not fucking there !
It looks like a conversation between Tony and Tim.

Until, at about 39 mins into the podcast, Tony shared how he went throught some very tough times after his divorce.
How he felt ashamed.
Like a piece of shit -his words-
How he became overweight and almost bankrupt his business
How he stayed isolated for 6 months, hated himself and almost never got out of his house.

It just awaken me.
Like a good kick in the balls.
The connection was established.
Moved me out of my state of mind.
I thought to myself :”Oh fuck, look at yourself now”
I was advocating authenticity and vulnaribility with this podcast and Tony just showed me what it really meant to be authentic and vulnarable.
And from then, I paid attention to Tony.

And to have listened back to the podcast, I have no shame to say : Tony is awesome !
The amount of knowledge and passion this man has is incredible.
One of the most profound podcast we ever recorded indeed.


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Olivier Larvor