Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha

In this episode, we have Lori Deschene, the founder of Tiny Buddha, the leading resource for peace and happiness, with close to 4 million views per month and 2 million followers on social media.
Lori has started this adventure 6 years ago with the simple objective to make people feel less alone.
Sharing her personal, authentic and difficult stories (such as her struggle with bulimia and depression from age 12).
Convinced that she could recycle her pain and make it useful: if people could relate, they would feel less ashamed and less alone.
A powerful idea.
And it worked !
Lori has managed to create a massive community.
Millions of people.
Inspiring them to live a happy and meaningful life.
An extraordinary achievement indeed !

So, let me ask you this.
Imagine for a minute you were in Lori’s shoes.
You have built a powerful brand with the goal to make a positive difference and help people.
Your website gets more traffic than “les Champs-Élysées” in Paris at rush hour.
You have written three critically acclaimed books.
Million of followers are behind you.
Now, what should you do next ?
What is the right move ?

Of course, if you were talking to a top corporate consultant charging thousands of dollars an hour, you’ll get the obvious: get bigger !
For fuck sake !
Grow, develop and go full IPO
A no-brainer.

Well, Lori has no intention to hire any top corporate consultant any time soon.
She has a way better guide.
And we have all the same.
Lori has her guts.
And her guts tells her something that can really surprise you.
So have a listen to the podcast and be inspire by her new calling.
Not what she “should” do.
What she really wants to do.

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