Think Positive or Else !

Think Positive or Else !

Georges Carlin said:”If you live long enough, sooner or later everybody you know has cancer.”
Simply put : life can suck horseshit.
We all know this.
We have all experienced it, no exception.
No, not the cancer part, the horseshit thing…
Well, of course, it depends.
You could have had cancer as well.
Tell you what : if you are looking for nice bubbly and comforting words from us, you may not be in the right place.
Alternatively, you may check, they have cool pictures of men on top of mountains, women doing yoga and children running on the beach.
That kind of things.
Here’s us talking about random shit, being judgemental and having a go at all the “Positive Thinking” champions.
Enjoy !


Once more with style : life can suck horseshit.
And, by now, we all know what is “The Secret” behind this predicament.
We came to learn it spontaneously around age 3…
Or 4…
Who cares really ?
Early age anyway.
We just thought about it for few seconds.
And BAM !!!
The big revelation that put us instantly on top of the wisest creature on earth.
Oh yes, we are so wise now.
Sort of.
It goes like this : life can suck horseshit…because it is life !
It is by definition what life is.
Shitty and great.
Fucking hard and awesome.
Painful and joyful.
Batman and Robin.
Ok, I am really terrible at this.
Anyway, the full range of life !

So every time I hear about “positive thinking”.
It seems we are denying a big chunk of life.
Limiting and restricting ourselves.
Forbidding any exploration in unknown territories.
Stuck in a Disney mantra loop.
Pink, soft and comfy.
So what about the other emotions ?
The other flavours ?
The other experiences ?
The full range of life.
Not worth it ?
What about the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure, Nirvana, Daniel Johnston, Nick Cave, Portishead…
Shit, am I actually an indie-goth ?
Anyhow, “Positive Thinking” looks terribly boring to me.

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Olivier Larvor