How To Make Stress Your Friend

How To Make Stress Your Friend

Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist and an author of best sellers such as “The Willpower Instinct” and “The Upside of Stress”
In 2013, Kelly has delivered an incredible Ted Talk reaching 11 million views about the positive aspect of stress (it is part of the 20 most popular TED talks of all time along with Brené Brown and Tony Robins presentations)
Needless to say that we have been really pumped to have Kelly on the show and to have been able to discuss with her about stress.
And I am sure you will be surprised by Kelly’s findings.
While stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case.
Incredible no?
Don’t miss this episode.

Some topics we have discussed:
– How stress can be good for you?
– What is a growth mindset?
– What is the never told story behind her TED talk? (yep, it is an exclusive!)
– Why compassion is so important today?
– What Kelly agreed to do if Tim manages to show empathy towards Donald Trump?

Unfortunately we don’t have a video version to show you this time, but it shouldn’t prevent you to listen to this great episode.

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