The Unconventiolnal Hypnotherapist

The Unconventional Hypnotherapist

A really entertaining podcast with the unconventional hypnotherapist Adam Eason, founder of the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis, podcaster, best selling author and ultra-marathon runner.
And, the cherry on the cake : he swears too !
Calling us a “pair of cocks” !
Us ?
Really ?!
No clue where this scandalous and shocking idea came from.
But it hurts so much, I’ll tell you that…

Adam Eason 4

Have you ever wonder what hypnosis is and how does this work ?
Sure, you might have watched one of these popular TV shows where a guy named “The Great Master Magic Mysterio” snaps his fingers and suddenly 10 people drop asleep on the floor, and, as a bonus, one person acts like a chicken.
Amazing !
But, honestly, for me, the laying of the egg was really the most impressive part of the act.
No discussion !
Ok, so you have that, all the spooky stuff.
And at the other end of the spectrum.
People trying to overcome and let go of phobias and other anxiety related disorders, to quit smoking, to release their fears, to manage their pains, to enhance the quality of their sleep, to excel in Sports…
And much more.
So what to make of it ?
Where is the boundary between the myth, the quackery and the science ?
Where ?

Well, this podcast has -almost- all the answers for you.
And here’s the twist : Adam has an unothodox approach.
A singular approach.
For him, and contrary to the common belief, hypnosis is not a method to access the unconscious mind, nor a trance state.
He actually refutes the existence of the unconscious mind.
That’s big, no !
In fact, hypnosis doesn’t involve any magic, nor super powers, nor a masterful-skillful-mega-cool person in a suit -or in a velvet robe-
No, according to Adam, the hypnosis process is a true collaboration where the person being hypnotised is the key to a successful session.
And this is why I like Adam’s position.
Just like in coaching, the client is an active agent, in control, who is the decisive contributor to reach the desired outcome.
No abracadabra-in-the-power-of-the-Great-Mysterio-I-command-you-to-lay-an-egg.
That’s a relief !

So prepare to learn about hetero hypnosis and self hypnosis
About cognative behavioral therapy
Langage pattern
And why Adam is so embarrassed today about his first best seller.
Enjoy !

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