The Power Of Vulnerability

The Power Of Vulnerability

Profoundly moved and inspired by Brené Brown’s groundbreaking research, coaches Kat Hay and Laura Biering have become certified facilitator in The Daring Way™ and are now heartily contributing to the must needed “World-Work”.

Let’s pause here.
Just curious : have you heard about Brené Brown ?
If you haven’t, please stop reading this.
Don’t even click on the podcast’s play button yet.
See, we are sabotaging our own show.

No, seriously, just watch Dr. Brown Ted Talks :“The Power of Vulnerability” and “Listening to Shame
Trust me : it is life changing.
Yeah, I know, I know, so many have promised this before.
But have a try.

Then, of course, you can buy Brené’s books.
Then, just become a massive fan.
And then, perhaps, you can listen to this podcast.

Ok, fine, It is not like this that we will reach an audience.
So, I guess you can listen to Kat and Laura while waiting for the books to be delivered.

Brené’s finding on shame and vulnerability is a real game changer.
It defies everything we have been told.
Being vulnerable is not a weakness.
It is not !
And yes, you can only be moved and inspired by Brené’s work.
Just like Kat, Laura, myself…and millions others.
A huge impact.

And I’ve been vulnerable on this show because Tim didn’t show up.
I was actually panicking to be honest.
Sure, I did one podcast on my own, but that was planned before.
For this one, I was desperately attempting to contact him…and no answer.
And the things is, as we have decided to use video now, Tim was the one who was in charge of the recording.
So here, being on my own, having not one, but two guests on the show and not knowing how to record it.
What could possibly go wrong ?
But we did it.
Thanks to Kat and Laura who have supported me for this podcast (including recording the whole show on their platform).

So if you want to know why being vulnerable is so important (hint: it is the key to achieve a meaningful life)
What is this “World-Work” performed by Kat and Laura.
How they are helping other coaches with their workshop.
Have a listen to my new awesome friends, and be touched by authentic and powerful stories.

Oh, yeah, if you want to know why Tim didn’t show up : he just felt asleep and didn’t wake up on time.


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