The Neuroscience of Coaching

The Neuroscience of Coaching

In this episode, Master Certified Coach Lori Shook provides us insights on how coaching interacts with the brain and gets positive results.
Because, after all, believe it or not, potato patato, coaching works and we have the scientific explanation why it does.
Because it does !

Fine !
I cannot blame you if you still have some doubts about this coaching profession, specially when you see some appalling marketing, cheesy taglines, shocking websites…and Tim Brownson as the poster boy of this corporation !
By the way, how can you trust him as a coach if he has no idea about “Star Wars” -the movie-.
Yeah, no clue.
He just revealed it in this episode.
I know : just shocking !

But I can promise you this: you will be moved by Lori’s warm heart.
And even when she was chasing submarines during the cold war !
Because she did.
So we invite you to listen to Lori’s fascinating stories: being a “spy” (well, almost), teaching inmates in San Quentin prison or taking ayahuasca.
But also her view about coaches without the International Coaching Federation credentials.
You might be surprised !

Something happened.
Something big.
You may have noticed it, well most probably not: we have had our one year anniversary !
Yeah !!!!
After one year, we are still miraculously here.
So yes, we have something to celebrate.

And most of all, we would like to thank you, you, our small community.
Thank you for being here and listen to our idiotic jokes and unprofessional behaviors.
You make us keep going.
So don’t go away, stay with us, we have more episodes, profanities and surprises to come.
And…we love you !
Merci for being here.

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