The Geography Of Bliss

The Geography Of Bliss

Eric Weiner is an author, speaker and former correspondent for National Public Radio, but he likes to call himself a philosophical traveler: he travels to answer the big questions of life.
As he likes to say: he looks at the intersection of place and ideas.
Interesting concept indeed!
For him, the environment, the country and the culture shape our lives.
Eric’s first book, “The Geography of Bliss” is a New York Time best sellers, translated into 20 languages and a number of high schools and universities have incorporated the book into their curricula.
Eric is a fascinating storyteller which has this ability to captivating an audience in a heartbeat.
And you will just be fascinated by Eric’s wisdom on this episode.

Some topics with have discussed with Eric:

– What are the best ideas he has encountered while traveling?
– Why Moldova is one of the unhappiest country in the world?
– Why we shouldn’t have high expectation to be happy?
– Why Eric is a “confusionist” when talking about religion?
– Why certain urban settings are conducive to ingenuity?

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