The Future of Work

The Future of Work

In this episode, keynote speaker, author and podcaster, Jacob Morgan describes brilliantly what work will look like in the future.
Because, as you might already see/feel it, work is changing big time.
The shift is already there.
It is happening !
And shall we be very afraid ???
Well, not really

Technology, environment, education, new consciousness, millennials, big data, global exchange and permanent connection, free knowledge…are the leading factors of this major transformation.
And with this change, the organizations and models of management we have inherited from the industrial revolution are becoming totally obsolete.

So today, companies are fighting for talents and, they have quickly realized that behaving like bullies, divas or snake oil salesman to attract the best of people doesn’t stand a chance.
More than ever, companies must provides vision, meaning, values, culture, care, environment, leadership and benefits to their employees to make them want to work for them.
So come have a preview of the future of work

Here are the key points we have discussed:

– Why companies must change the traditional way they operate.
– Jacob’s views on Holacracy and Teal organizations
– Happiness in the workplace.
– Why we shouldn’t fear automation and robots, and how to prepare ourselves.
– What is Employee Experience and why it is replacing entire HR departments.


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