The Fitness Thinker

The Fitness Thinker

Founder of Training Think Tank, Max El-Hag is a not your ordinary fitness coach. He is more like an intellectual or a philosopher holding an holistic approach (i.e. nutrition, biology, psychology, physiology, health, strength, movement quality, lifestyle…) to support his athletes and fellow coaches.
Listening to Max and you’ll be amazed by his knowledge, wisdom and passion.
Max’s business tag line is :”Corpus-Animus” which is loosely translated by “Body and Mind”.
And it is pretty clear for Max that one needs as much attention as the other.

Sure, you can be really skeptical when you encounter those mountains with inflated muscles, just like I was when I met Max for the first time.
My very first reaction was to label him and to believe he had the IQ of a chihuahua.
How dumb I was (and still am)!
I was just stupid because Max works as much on his Mind (spiritual, intellect, emotions) than his body.
And believe me, you will be convinced very quickly.

Some topics we have covered with the great thinker :
– Why Max is not impressed by the fitness industry ?
– Why wanting a Six Pack may not be the best idea for you ?
– How much your genes count towards achieving your fitness goals ?
– Who is Ido Portal and his movement culture ?
– Is paleo good for you ?

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