The Death Class

The Death Class

How about a new type of education where you would truly learn about life ?
Where you would go on field trips and get totally transformed.
A class so popular that you would have a 3 years waiting list to attend it.
Well, this is exactly what Dr. Norma Bowe is offering at Kean University in Union N.J
An unconventional class.
Something really different.
A Death Class !
Yes !
And we have been so lucky to get on the show Dr. Bowe and author Erika Hayasaki (who captured Norma’s incredible work and story in her book :”The Death Class – a true story about life).


The secret is out.
I’ve mentioned several times already : I am interested by the death subject.
Well, not in an obsessive, sick or macabre way.
Far from it.
No, I am just intrigued by it.
Don’t you ?
No seriously.
So many questions.
How does it influence us ?
How does it impact our life ?
How do we change when we see our final destination approaching ?
What will happen to us ?
Fucking fascinating.

Something that we all experienced one day, but at the same time, we seem to totally ignore it.
I found it so weird and puzzling.
How can’t we talk about it ?
It is fucking there.
But no…
It is too gloomy, too depressing, too disturbing…
Really ??!!
We are all going to die, despite what our transhumanist friends tend to believe (in case of a doubt, please read “The book of Immortality” , and you’ll realise that as human beings, we always looked for “immortality solutions” and have failed, over and over again).

How about using this scandalous “event”as a development opportunity.
Cut the crap.
Focus on what is really important.
What is really important.
In the face of death, only a life of meaning matters.

And as Norma explains in the podcast : exploring the death subject allows us to live better.
No doubt about it.
And I can only applaud initiatives like the Death Cafes or the Order of the Good Death
Initiatives to put death back in our everyday conversations.
And believe me, far from being gloomy, depressing and disturbing.

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Olivier Larvor