Aurianna Joy, the holistic explorer and ayahuasca advocate

The Case for Ayahuasca (Part 1)

This podcast was supposed to be a walk in the park.
See, Tim has always been very opened about his past experiences with drugs.
And I, well I was back from 8 days in the Brazilian jungle, experimenting the most powerful psychedelic on earth.
So, on paper, having Aurianna Joy, the holistic explorer and Ayahuasca advocate, on the show should have been just a nice conversation between people with very progressive ideas about drugs.
And actually, it started like this.
All very nice.
Until Tim began to challenge the healing benefits of Ayahuasca.
He wanted to be convinced that Ayahuasca was the real deal.
He wanted to believe !
He was Fox Mulder from X-Files.
Ok, an old and bald Fox Mulder, but nevertheless, he wanted the undeniable proof.
And this is when everything started to be a little tense.
But, at the same time, so interesting !

There’s so much taboo, disinformation and stigma around the drug’s topic.
No shit.
And I’ve been raised in this western culture where the worst thing that could happen to you was to take drug.
We have been told and repeated, again and again, that using any type of drugs was a terrible thing to do.
That it would directly lead to addiction, poverty, debitalition, insanity, exclusion, severe health issues and early death.
Only that !
So what have we done ?
We have complied without questioning.
We have chanted, all together now, the “no to drugs” hymn like nice boys scouts.
Assuming it was the worst possible thing on earth.
Really, we have been so cute.

And  I was indeed a cute boy scout : I’ve never touched any drug !
A real saint, I promise you.
Not even a joint (damn’, not even a cigarette).
No, I just went with what was acceptable in our society : fucking beer !
Much better indeed, no ?

So what made me change my mind ?
First, the fact that all this scare tactics and propaganda were based on lies.
The truth : drugs are not all bad.
Obviously, I don’t say that there’s no negative and harmful effect using some of them.
But just saying that all drugs are dangerous and useless is simply not true.
Researshes on the therapeutic effects of psychedelics made in the 50’s & 60’s showed great results on the treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, depression and anxiety.
Despite the encouraging results, the programs have been shut down due concerns that hallucinogens were becoming widespread as a recreational drug, and the fear that excessive use could trigger mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.
But today, slowly the but surely, researchers are looking back into this field again.
The staggering benefits of Marijuana have been established and documentaries such as The Culture High questions its costly and useless prohibition.
The prestigious John Hopkins institutes demonstrated that Magic Mushrooms can stop tabacco addictions and lead to more openess.
Ayahuasca shows some encouraging sign to treat depression.
Even the infamous MDMA seems to have some potentials to treat PTSD.
And studies keep coming.
If you are interested, you can follow the ongoing discoveries on the excellent website :

But more than everything, what really made me change my mind are the stories.
Stories from famous people like Ram Dass, Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Joe Rogan, Amber Lyon…
and also the stories from ordinary people.
People like you and me who have been positively impacted by the use of psychedelics.
Life changing experiences providing awareness, learnings, insights and healing.
Just like Aurianna.
Experiences that force you to become better, more loving and caring with others, to drop the bullshit, to concentrate on what is really important…
So how can we resist that ?
How can we just dismiss the huge amount of testimonies without at least questionning if it could be true ?
So I went there,
Because I wanted to believe…

It is commonly said that the 7 hours under the effect of  Ayahuasca equals 7 years of therapie.
And to have experienced it myself, I have hard time to desagree…


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Olivier Larvor