The Big Leap

The Big Leap

This podcast is an absolute must for two reasons.
First, our guest, Keith Clarke is really an interesting, clever and cool dude.
Keith has walked away from the corporate world and started his journey to self-employment.
And that’s something, isn’t it !
I have only admiration for people deciding to take the big leap.
Especially when we have been -and still are- discouraged to do so.
Because it is too risky
Too difficult.
Too precarious.
Too different.
Too audacious, inspiring and awesome !
So yes, it is worth listening.
Keith shared with us how he came to this decision, the changes he had to face and his learnings along the way.

And second, this episode is fucking hilarious !
Trust me.
It is fun shit.
Thanks to Keith’s patience and Irish sense of humour, we have managed to pull-off a show as good as Father Ted.
Ok, maybe not as good, but still entertaining.



I wouldn’t lie : my personal aspiration is to take the self-employment path.
One day.
But right now, I don’t have the balls to do so…
Excuses, excuses…
I know.
I am working on it.

However, I already have an idea for a business !
I actually finished my marketing strategy and came up with an awesome TV Ad idea.
Check this out.

My brillant TV Ad script for my future successful scam Business :

[Music – the fully emotionally charged introduction from “Another day in paradise” by drummer genius Phil Collins slowly fading in]
[Video -in black and white- an old cat walking in a dark alley…a man with his briefcase at a traffic light, waiting to cross…zoom in, a tear slowly run on his cheek]
[Voice Over – starts, low tone]

“How much are you fulfilled by your job ?
How much do you thrive by plugging silly numbers in useless spreadsheets ?
Day after Day,
Year after year”

[Comment – superb synchronization with Phil Collins’ bit: Oh think twice, it’s just another day for you]
[Voice Over – A feminin voice whispers in the background :”it will never end”]
[Still Pictures – a man holding his head, a woman looking depressed, a dog looking depressed, a group of teenagers looking depressed, a house looking depressed…an empty chair]

“Is it how you imagined your life would be ?
Chances are, like the majority, you are somehow disengaged at work.
And you are not alone : the numbers are staggering !
Did you know that unhappy employees outnumber happy employees by two to one !”

[Sill Picture – a pie chart]

“No real passion, no deep connection and perhaps, an abdication to just sit in front a boring screen, sipping overpriced coffee and creating reports nobody gives a damn’ !
Enduring the constant stress of delivering more and more.”

[Video – a full metal jacket type of military instructor shouting]

“Increase your productivity, increase the quality, increase the KPIs.
And continuously improve !”

[A feminin voice whispers in the background :”it will never end”]

“How hard !
How unsatisfying !
How unfair !””


“But it is life, isn’t it ?!
What else can you possibly do ?
The bills have to be paid,
The house has to be paid,
The alimony has to be paid”

[Video – bank notes flying in the wind]

“And maybe, possibly, at the end, a couple of good years,
before the retirement home.
Well, if cancer doesn’t get you before, that is !”

[Video – a guy approaching the edge of a cliff] [Music change – synth intro from “Jump” by Van Halen] 

“But we, at Constant Smile @ Work, we say bullshit !”

[Sound – crowd roars]

“It doesn’t have to be this way.
Our mission is to put your best looking smile back on your pretty face”

[Video – a man smiling and giving a thumbs up]

“Yes, don’t despair !
We have the solution for you !
With our VIP package, only $999,99, including 10 DVDs explaining our best in class smiling technics, a bloc note, an engraved pen “I am constantly smiling, I am constantly winning” and three boxes of Prozac, you will feel so much better at work !”
“And you will look good too !”

[Video – a sexy blonde winking]

“Call us now, and get your plastic wristband for free”

[Video – image of Credit Card and a toll free number flashing in big red letters]
[The End]

I know, I have a natural talent for marketing…

Ok, fine !
Here’s something really funny.

Download the podcast (right-click, save link as)

How you can find out more about Keith:

Olivier Larvor