The Authorpreneur

The Authorpreneur

Once a legendary blogger, now an acknowledged authorpreneur -who has published 5 million words of fiction-, Johnny B. Truant explains how collaborative writing works,
Why he has put the word “Fuck” in the title of his most successful blog post,
Why he deliberately writes himself into corners,
What is the difference between plotters and pantsers,
How he learnt to trust what the story is telling him…
Yeah, really deep stuff for anybody who is interested about the writing process and creativity in general.

Btw, what is an “authorpreneur” you may ask ?
Someone like Johnny who runs a self-publishing company, hosts shit loads of podcasts, on the way to develop an app, and writes like a maniac.
A staggering amount of 30,000 words a week.
You reading this well : a week !
That is two books a month.
Holy Shit !

Maybe you have already a story in your mind,
Or maybe the embryo of an idea,
Or just the desire to do it.
You know in your core you will write a book one day.
You just know it.

You are just like me.
I have this book in me that I want to get out.
And I was certain that I would have finished it before reaching 40.
For sure, I would have done it by then.

And, here I am.
40 and still trying to figure out how the fuck can I pull this off?
Pathetic, I am telling you.

Oh, and it is not like I’ve not tried.
In fact, I am still trying.
My closer attempt has been to produce 60,000 words and to realize that it was utterly shit.
A self-egotistic piece of crap.
I’ve dumped the entire thing.
What a fucking waste.

And that’s my primary issue.
My inner critic.
My saboteur as we say in coaching.
And maybe you can relate here.

How many times have you started to finally give up after couple of months ?
How many times have you told yourself it is not good enough ?
Way too many I guess.

And still, there’s still a book in us, waiting to be born.
So let’s apply Johnny’s advise: write more and get out of our head !

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