Positive Thinking is bullshit

The Antidote

What a fucking treat !
Out all the podcasts we have done so far, trust me, you should at least listen to this one.
Oliver Burkeman, writer and columnist for the Guardian, offered us his clever and sarcastic perspective on self development and its numerous urban myths.
Explaining the difference between positive thinking (which is, if you still have some doubt, shit) and positive psychology.
Questioning the majority of the rubbish books you can find in the “Mind, Body and Spirit” section.
Advocating to be more open to different sort of thoughts and emotions, including the negative, depressive and sad ones.
Yes, this episode is full of astonishing facts which might turn up side down some well established beliefs.
If you haven’t done it yet, go buy Oliver’s book:”The Antidote”, you won’t regret it.


It took me time to realise how much I was lying to myself.
How much I was hiding behind my career and the money I was making.
Silencing my values out of fear.
Acting like a Gordon Gekko douchebag, trusting that corporate acknowledgement and recognition would make me happy.
Hoping that the next promotion, the next bonus, the next country I will be sent to…will be “it”.
Finally happy.
A last, succesful and happy.
What a dick I was..
God, it is unbelievable.

It took me some time, as well, to do something about it and to change.
Taking a first step towards the personal development industry.
Coaching !
Getting my CPCC and ACC certifications.
Working (and still) working to become the best coach I could.

But one thing is for sure: I never felt naturally belonging and part of this corporation.
Something was odd, and I felt really uneasy at first.
“Wait a minute, what the fuck is this ?”
The constant positive outlook,
The smiles,
The cheers,
The photoshopped pictures,
The marketing wording full of :
“You are destined to greatness”
“Be your best invincible and unstoppable self”
“Become happy and massively fulfilled”
“You are undeniably magnificent”
Everything Is Fucking Awesome !

A Disney, sugary, all sweet, all perfect, caricature of life.
No sadness, doubt or negativity allowed.
And in the background, “My heart will go on”
Sweet baby Jesus, what have we done !

Don’t blame me, but instinctively, I sort of took a stand in coaching and decided to be part of the Addams Family.
To join forces with Tim, our uncle Fester.
Offering something more edgy, real and funny.
Another mindset driven by authenticity.
Life as it is.
Dare to be part of our happy family ?
Tadadada…Tik, Tik.

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Olivier Larvor