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Making Workplaces Great Places to Work


Jul 2015

Making Workplaces Great Places To Work

On this podcast, positive psychology professor and self-actualization engineer, Dr. Orin C. Davis explains his main mission on making workplaces great places to work. And guess what ? He has a massive, massive, MASSIVE task in front of him. A fucking mountain the size of two Everests on top of the moon Something like that. Not that it is impossible. But I cannot help to...


Positive Thinking is bullshit


Jan 2015

The Antidote

What a fucking treat ! Out all the podcasts we have done so far, trust me, you should at least listen to this one. Oliver Burkeman, writer and columnist for the Guardian, offered us his clever and sarcastic perspective on self development and its numerous urban myths. Explaining the difference between positive thinking (which is, if you still have some doubt, shit) and positive psychology....