Quantum Physics VS Law of Attraction

Quantum Physics VS Law of Attraction

On this podcast, physicist Philip Moriarty gives us a powerful Quantum Physics lecture and explains us why the Law of Attraction is pure bullshit.
And, cherry on the cake, we have everything on video !
Yes, we dare to embrace cutting edge technologies, and soon enough, I tell you, we will master “texting” !
You’ll see, one day, we will really surprise you.



So, on this sublime and life changing video podcast, you can realize how much Philip is invested and passionate about debunking people prompt to use the Quantum Physics banner.
People -such as Deepak Chopra- who claim that their mystical beliefs are scientifically proven.
Backed up by Quantum Physics.
Yeah, sure.

And this is why we wanted to have Philip on the show.
We wanted to have someone with the knowledge, understanding and credentials to address the Quantum woo preached by some imaginative fantasizers, such as the folks from the Law of Attraction.

Now, if you haven’t heard about the Secret and the Law of Attraction -LoA-, you are really lucky.
In fact, you were just like Philip before we exposed him to this flow of non-sense, promoted by none other than Oprah, causing Philip to vomit out of despair on his laptop.
Fine, I am not sure about the vomit part as I can be an “imaginative fantasizer” too (note: is “fantasizer” even english ?) .
But let’s just say for the sake of the story that if Philip would have indeed vomited out of rational despair, it would obviously not be because of Oprah, but rather of what the LoA is asserting.

You see, according to the LoA, if you think positive thoughts, good things will happen to you.
Yes !
Think positive though and you’ll own a private jet made out of gold, date Paris Hilton and go on expensive safaris to kill elephants.
Only good things…

And how does Quantum integrates the unquestionable gospel ?
It goes something like this:
(Beware – the text below is my own interpretation as I couldn’t be bothered reading entirely this crap theory)
In Quantum Physics, the observer can affect the measurement of particles.
And we are all made of particles.
In fact everything is made of particles.
And if particles are explained by Quantum, therefore everything can be explained by Quantum.
And if the observer can affect the particles, well, it mean consciousness can affect everything really.
It means “I”, conscious being, can control the universe with my mind.
Therefore, I can manifest shit load of money if I think hard enough.
Yep, all proven by Quantum Physics !
Well, guess what : it is all bollocks !
What a shocker…

So please listen to Philip explaining with passion why any of his undergraduates can destroy Deepak Chopra’s arguments.
But also, what is an “observer” (spoiler alert – a fucking stone can be an observer !?)
The famous double-slit experiment
The Schrödinger’s zombie cat paradox.
Yes, freakin’ zombie cats !
And many more interesting things.
An episode not to be missed indeed.

Did I manifest this right ?

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