The Opposite Of Addiction Is Connection

The Opposite Of Addiction Is Connection

Without any doubt, Johann Hari has written one of the most important book about drugs and addiction:”Chasing The Scream:The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs”
And let’s be clear, everything we believe we know about drug addiction is wrong!
Totally wrong.
We have been told lies, we have been brainwashed.
We have been bamboozled!

What if I told you that it is not the chemicals -inside the drugs- that will get you hooked and addicted?
What if I told you that the total decriminalization of all drugs (including crack) -like what Portugal did- is getting stunning positive results.
What if I told you that the “war on drugs” is a total failure (well I guess you already know that)?
Sound difficult to believe ?
Well it is true though.
So join us and be blown away by Johann’s findings.

Some topics we have discussed:
– What are the horrible side effects on the war on drugs ?
– What really causes addiction ? (and no, it is not the drug)
– Why the drug debate is still totally backward ?
– Why connection is the opposite of addiction ?

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