No Fears, No Excuses

No Fears, No Excuses

Larry Smith, professor of economics at the University of Waterloo in Canada, has spent his entire teaching career coaching students to find careers they love.
Four years ago, Larry has gathered millions of views with his inspiring, passionate, and humorous TEDx talk :”Why you will fail to have a great career?”
And now, with the release of his book:”No Fears, No Excuses”, Larry dismisses all the usual excuses, fears, and worries that people hide behind when trying to find their true direction.
Because, according to him, the only way to have a great career is to go after your passion.
So, what are you waiting for ?
Go now !

Some topics we have covered:
– What are Larry’s views about the state of global economy, and what can we expect in the next 5 years?
– Why it will be harder for the new generations to have a career?
– Larry’s view on Master’s degrees and higher education?
– How you can find your passion?
– How teachers can kill kids’ creativity?

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