Near Term Human Extinction

Near Term Human Extinction

Well, this one is quite controversial really.
Our guest is Dr. Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona, author and public speaker.
Really controversial.
According to Guy, we are on the way for “abrupt” climate change.
So what does it mean really for us ?
Basically, that human civilization is on the fast track to complete annihilation as we will be unable to avert planetary warming enough to prevent cataclysmic consequences.
Oh sure, you may be thinking that it the same old story, that our great-great-great-grand-children will suffer the consequences.
Not really.
Guy talks about : Near Term Human Extinction.
Oh, really near term.
Fast track.
From 2 years to 20 years tops !
Oh shit !
But if you think that this episode is depressing as hell, well think again…
Guy has really a good sense of humor  -that tells you a lot about this intelligent man-.

I’ve learned about Guy McPherson in an article published in the excellent news website
And the subject is terrifying : the actual survival of the human species
Dr. Guy Mcpherson believes we are done !
Finished !
Doomed !
We cannot do anything about it.
It is too late.
We just ruined it.
And we will see it coming pretty fast.
We will see it in our lifetime.

He refers to “abrupt” climate change.
A timing so mind blowing that your first reaction is to just deny the entire thing.
It is not fucking possible !
But then, you have to look at all the data he has collected and published on his constantly updated blog post.
And you just hope he is wrong.

And like everyone, I just wish that Guy is wrong.
But he sais it himself:”Even if I am wrong, we still have to die”
One day or the other.
One way or the other.
Abrupt climate change or not.
And I guess that’s what attracts me to Guy’s message.
Well not the death part really, but when he talks about living.
Because we got to live as well.

See, when he goes on the road for his public speakings, basically saying:”we all gonna die soon” (yeah, good luck making money with that), he also champions us to live a life of excellence.
To live the life that we really want.
To be decent.
To do the right thing.
To love !

So I know that it is very difficult to stay one entire hour listening to our blah-blah.
And I cannot blame you at all.
But even if you don’t go to the very end of our conversation, just read below what Dr. Guy McPherson says to conclude our talk :

Our days are numbered, passionately pursue a life of excellence.
Our days are numbered regardless of how many we have, and it has always been the case.
We don’t have forever.
And what most people I see doing involves chasing money and planning for a forever future.
And instead of pursuing what they love right now, instead of pursuing what they would consider the best possible life, they think they need to make money and in 20 years start planning for that day.
I just encourage people to live with a sense of urgency and adopt the message from the Buddha : the trouble is, you think there’s time!

Although, according to Tim, the quote is not coming from the Buddha but from Yogi bear…
Who cares really ?

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