The Middle Finger Project

The Middle Finger Project

Ash Ambirge gives the middle finger for a living. No, seriously, she does.
Ash is the CEO and President of the award-winning blog:”The Middle Finger Project”.
This online platform is addressed to women who want to ditch their traditional careers and build their own business online. From Etsy makers to photographers to writers to designers to consultants and more, The Middle Finger Project is a creative community of over 80,000 women strong, with one common goal in mind: A ballsy business.
You already guessed that I’ve extracted the above statement from her official bio as I don’t share Ash’s talent for writing.
Ash is a real character and we have managed to record one of our funniest podcast ever with her!
If you want to learn some great stuff and be seriously entertained, play this podcast full blast !
Pfff, and Tim thinks that I am shit at marketing.
I don’t understand why.

Some topics we have covered:

– How you should pronounce Ash’s last name ? Agree, it seems like nothing, but for the very first time, Ash shares the true story behind, a real coming out I tell you ! We have the exclusivity on this one !
– What’s the Middle Finger Project about ?
– Why it is so damn’ important to always tell the truth ?
– What Ash thinks about authenticity ?
– Why giving yourself permission is the best present you can do to yourself ?
– Bonus : if you watch the video below, you will have five extra mins -not on the MP3- and it is all about death?

Check out the Video of our conversation below (or use this Link), there’s an extra 5 Mins bonus in it

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