Marketing for Hippies

Marketing for Hippies

Tad Hargrave, from Marketing For Hippies, helps green, local, holistic and conscious entrepreneurs who are struggling to get enough clients…
…and the key bit here is :”without doing anything that feels gross”
Getting clients without using inauthentic, high pressure and manipulative approaches we have all been exposed to.
Sure, like me, you may ask :”But isn’t it the essence of marketing ?! Just stepping on moral, dignity and humanity…using primal urges and mainly fears to sell shitty things we don’t need ?”
Isn’t it how marketing works ?
Apparently not.

Tad offers another perspective.
Something that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself (really subtle Bill Hicks’ reference here).
Thank god !
Because, as I have the idea to launch my own business hypothetically-one-day-in-the-future-perhaps-time-will-tell-it-is-a-work-in-progress-anytime-now, I am dreading the day where I will have to do marketing.
Oh boy.
Everything I came across feels wrong.
Even the social media thing.
Specially the social media thing.
And looking how much time Tim emphasizes the technicalities of it, I just feel like working for Lockheed Martin developing futuristic bombs, or for Monsanto creating a real-life “Plants Vs Zombies” game, rather than learn this crap.
Errrr…maybe not.
But truth is, it is not appealing at all.

So, this podcast is full of great ideas, learning and advice.
Such as why traditional marketing feels bad
Why marketing shouldn’t be a seducing process, but more a filtering method.
The importance of being a good fit.
What are the three rules of marketing.
The difference between marketing and sales.
Why manipulative tactics will never create trust and loyalty.
And much more.
A great listen indeed.

And a last thing.
We have to really thank Tad for being on the show, because, on the same day we recorded the podcast, Tad’s grand-father passed away.
Tad didn’t want to let us down, so he joined despite the tragic event.
Sincerely, merci Tad.
So, as much I hate to admit it, Bill Hicks may have been wrong here.

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