Niels Pflaeging

Management Is Dead!

Niels Pflaeging is a speaker, advisor, author, influencer, transformation designer and management exorcist
Niels is a passionate advocate for a “new breed“ of leadership and profound change in organizations.
A profound change? A revolution!
Niels believes that management (as we know it) is dead, and all the processes and tools we have created in the last 40 years are just useless.
Forget management by objectives, performance appraisals, budgeting, KPIs, planning…
Forget all that!
We still apply methods not meant to be working in this era of complexity and today’s organizations are still based on beliefs, design principles and methods inherited from the industrial age.
If you want to know why companies are struggling so much and specially with their people engagement, this podcast is for you.
BTW, Tim had an another hair implants surgery scheduled so he couldn’t make it, but instead I had the pleasure to be with Raz from the Relentless Movement (if you have haven’t listened to her podcast, make sure to do so!)

Some topics we have covered with Niels:

– Why management is dead and belongs onto the garbage heap of history?
– Why companies are not pyramids but peaches?
– How organizations have been hooked to quick fixes and tools?
– Why managers assume employees cannot be trusted?

Check out the Video of our conversation below (or use this Link).

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