Making Workplaces Great Places to Work

Making Workplaces Great Places To Work

On this podcast, positive psychology professor and self-actualization engineer, Dr. Orin C. Davis explains his main mission on making workplaces great places to work.
And guess what ?
He has a massive, massive, MASSIVE task in front of him.
A fucking mountain the size of two Everests on top of the moon
Something like that.
Not that it is impossible.
But I cannot help to think :”Good luck Orin ! I will wait for you here, at the bar, in the base camp…”

Ok, Fine !
I’ll give you a hand
Damn it !
But only because it is you.



Dr Orin C. Davis Making workplaces great place to work

Dr. Orin C. Davis


What needs to happen really ?
How can we make our workplaces great places to work ?
Casual friday, free fruits and occasionally, the meeting room transformed into a meditation ashram ?
Nice try.
We are actually talking about a real revolution in our companies.
We are talking about removing archaic principles inherited from the old industrial revolution age.
About accepting to slow down and to implement real cultural changes, where the focus would be on providing value to everyone.
And by everyone, I mean not only the shareholders !
Everyone, everyone !
Including the employees-everyone.
Oh yes.
A revolution, I tell you.

And we can all feel that it is time.
On top of that, it appears that we are in a new era.
Yeah, don’t worry, I didn’t have a clue either.
Enters the “Knowledge Era”
Tadam !
And with it comes the urge to question our traditional corporate beliefs.
Such as, for instance, the very notion of productivity
In a “Knowledge Economy”, it is not the amount of hours clocked in that will produce the most returns.
So imagine now the face of your beloved boss when you’ll tell her/him that working long hours are not required, and they are in fact counter productive.
Blasphemy !

Truth is : the old ways are slowly dying.
What will come next ?

So I invite you to listen to Orin explaining us why we should always reverse engineer the advise given to us.
What can be done to implement positive psychology in the organizations.
Why a very smart manager doesn’t fire one his sales guy openly playing video games all day long.
Why we should preferably hire people who have been terminated in the past.
What is the future of our jobs.
The truth and the myths about the millenial generation.
And, best of all, when this cultural revolution will occur in the companies.

Oh, and one last thing.
For the first time, my grumpy co-host Tim is not part of the podcast because of personal reasons explained in this blog post here.
But don’t worry, he will be back
Just like Terminator.
He will be back.

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