Mad Man Knitting

Mad Man Knitting

Meet Gregory Patrick, a self taught and self employed knitter, writer and an artist selling hand made teddy bears on his website : Mad Man Knitting
…Stop !
Don’t build this distorted mental image of him any further.
Please, forget that.
I can assure you, Gregory is not the superficial hipster type like, living in a loft, furnished with designer items following the latest minimalistic trend.
Oh, did I just made a nasty judgment and generalisation on the “superficial hipsters” ?
Sorry about that, but remember, I am a twat -as Tim likes to call me-.
Anyway, Gregory is not shallow for sure.
Quite the contrary.
He is undoubtly the type of characters this podcast has been created for.
Complex, deep and unconventional.
No doubt !
First of all, Gregory describes himself as a survivor for a fucking reason !
He has been homeless for two years, struggling to find back his place in society and make a living.
Just imagine that.
Well, no…
It hard to imagine really.
We have no idea.
If you haven’t been there, it is impossible to realise how difficult it is.
So prepare to be inspired by Gregory’s fascinating stories on his past.
And also be ready to laugh at our -Tim & I- expenses for trying to put him in a box.
Because Gregory kicked our -firm- butts
And we really deserved it.
We were ready to quickly label him, and we were dead wrong.

Mad Man Knitting

When I told my grumpy co-host, Tim, that we will have a knitter on the show, his reaction was something along :”Just great ! What the fuck will we talk about then ? I don’t know anything about knitting…”
Yeah, something like that.
Really typical.
He wasn’t enthusiastic about the whole idea.

But at the end of the podcast, Tim couldn’t stop interacting with Gregory.
He was even planning for a coffee as they both live in Orlando.
Like best buddies.
So cute.

And you can hear it for yourself, along the conversation, notice how Tim becomes more and more attracted by Gregory’s personality.
The bound slowly developing between the two men.
And at the end, it is almost like if Tim has a man crush on Gregory.
Undeniable !
It is there !
Yeah, how ironic really ?

But isn’t it the problem ?
Our tendency to generalise, to project our beliefs on others and to be convinced we know it all.
To quickly dismiss.
To avoid taking the first step.

Question is : how much effort are we ready to invest to really know people ?
To know who they really are ?
Beyond what’s on paper.
Beyond what’s on surface.
Difficult, isn’t it ?

For sure, we are prompt to categorise others.
Specially if they are not like us, not part of the same club, not sharing the same interests, ideas or orientations…
In this case, just forget it !
Fuck that.
We don’t want to do anything with them.
“It will be a waste of time” we think
Are we so sure ?

By the way, I am first in line here.
Yep, I plead guilty for doing this.
How often have I shorten a conversation, moved away from someone ?
Thinking :”He is just an idiot, I don’t have time for this”
So often.

And take what happened on this podcast.
Tim being an agnostic/liberal and Gregory being a conservative/Christian.
Tim being a life coach and Gregory being a knitter.
On paper, it shouldn’t work.
Sure, in theory.
But look what happened ?
They have connected and exchanged.
They have found similarities and common ground.
No shit !

It is so easy to build walls around us, all driven by fear.
So easy to tight ourselves in a belief system and naturally exclude people.
So easy to indulge our ego.

But if we are ready to remain curious and listen to others.
To drop our pre-conceive ideas.
To really listen and to go deeper.
Not to stay on the surface of things.
If we are ready to show vulnerability and to forget the BS.
Come from a place of openness and compassion.
Even with the people we think we have nothing in common.
Specially with them.
Well, we might be surprised how things play out.

Ready to try ?

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