Mad Knitter’s Return

Gregory Patrick is a knitter, author and blogger on :”Mad Man Knitting”, and he is back on our podcast.
Gregory did something extraordinary: he knitted his way out of homelessness!
Using his craft and selling his handmade teddy bears over the internet, he managed to escape from his incredible difficult condition.
There’s something amazing about Gregory, despite the hardship he has experienced: he would never complain.
Au contraire! He will always maintain a very positive attitude and try to get the best out of the situation.
Gregory is also a brilliant author and his memoirs :“Will Knit For Food” are truly a great read.
Having him back on the podcast has been a real pleasure…despite the fact we don’t share his political views.
Yes, Gregory is a conservative fellow!
And he will vote for Trump!
I know, it might be difficult to comprehend all this, but I invite you to listen to this man with an open mind.
Because, even if we don’t agree with him, we cannot help but like him a lot!

Some topics we have discussed:
– What happened to Gregory after he received lots of media coverage?
– What is his new project?
– Why he needs very little to live happily?
– Why he will vote for Trump?
– What advise he will have for people experiencing hard times?

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