Love, The Next Big Thing In Business

Love, The Next Big Thing In Business

Mark Silver is a coach, consultant, mentor, founder of “The Heart of Business” and a spiritual healer.
Mark found that every act of business can be an act of love, and in fact it’s the only kind of world we want to live in.
Yes! You can find love in the daily actions of marketing, sales, systems, strategic planning, and other necessary business actions!
Mark has facilitated thousands of individual sessions with entrepreneurs and has led hundreds of classes, seminars, groups and retreats


You may be here only for a few second and you already are ready to click on another link, another picture, another video, another podcast, txt your friend, take a selfie, check your news feed…
Your attention span is only about a few seconds, no more, and how can I blame you: we don’t have time!
We want the maximum of entertainment, information, humor, tips…in the shortest amount of time possible.
Quite frankly, we look like junkies with our phones and digital equipment, getting new doses, quick rushes…but deep down, we know there’s something wrong.
So just stop!
Breathe…and take the time to listen to Mark Silver.
When is the last time you have been moved to your core hearing someone?
This is what he did for me.
Mark Silver is a very special guy: he speaks from the heart and has the ability to reconnect ourselves with who we truly are.
We are not these digital junkies, stuck in a meaningless job in a world that seems to go crazy.
Take the time and to take one hour, yes one full hour and connect to something we have somehow forgotten: our heart!

Some topic we have discussed with Mark:

– Why Capitalism as we know it is dying (and that’s a good thing)?
– How his spiritual journey helped him to find the recipe to help entrepreneurs?
– What is Sufism?
– Why we should all connect to love if we want to be happy?
– Why it is so important for us to be witnessed and be truly seen?

Check out the Video of our conversation below (or use this Link).

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