Losing Control

Losing Control

On June 2004, ABC News correspondent Dan Harris had a full blown panic attack on Good Morning America.
An horrible experience which lead him to become a meditation advocate and to write the book :”10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Really Works — a True Story
I know, a really long title indeed.
Must be a marketing tactic or just a bet.

Anyhow, Dan had experienced the very thing we try to avoid a all cost: losing control.
And worse, ON NATIONAL TV !
A fucking nightmare, similar to walking into high school, to realize we are still in our PJs.
Just beautifully human
(the “loosing control” part, not the “PJs in high school” part, uh ?)

So join us on our most chaotic, shitty-sounding and awesome episode to date and listen to Dan talking about meditation, drugs, journalism and Buddhist beliefs.



As mentioned on the podcast, Dan Harris was in our list of “must have guests” we established when we started this show.
Along with Brene Brown and the Pope (ok, don’t ask me why Tim has a thing for this guy), Dan was one of those A-lister celebrities we only fantasized to have on our all amateurish, imperfect and fun podcast
So just imagine our surprise and exultation when his agent gave the green light.
So pumped to have him…
And shit stressed.

Tim suggested to get Meredith Hooke on the show too.
Just like true professionals surrounding themselves with experts (who are we kidding here), Meredith would be our her meditation guru, ready to add up interesting facts and comments.
We would be so prepared for Dan.
And of course, shit stressed.

On the day of the recording, knowing how poor her internet connection was, Meredith took her van and parked in Target to benefit from their free high speed connection.
She wear a nice black top.
Me a shirt.
Tim was bald as usual

We would be so prepared for Dan.
No doubt.
Except, I didn’t even read his book.

And then, as everyone could expect, it happened.
The stress, the background noise, cars honking on the parking lot, Meredith freaking out because of her malfunctioning laptop, Dan’s connection dropping in the middle…
We couldn’t control a single thing.
It is all in the Youtube video.

And still, it was super interesting,
And alive,
And fun,
An episode to be remembered, not to be ashamed of.

And I can assure you: we are not ashamed of this episode despite everything that have had happened.
Losing control is part of life.
It happens.
It fucking happens !
We cannot prevent it, we can just accept it and deal with it.
Even, we can use it to our advantage.

For instance, all our imperfections have created our podcast identity.
And who cannot be proud to have designed the most unprofessional podcast Dan Harris has ever been (so far) ?
A true achievement I am telling you 🙂

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