Living as a River

Living as a River

A truly enlightening podcast with Buddhist and meditation teacher Bodhipaksa Dharmacari, author of the book ”Living as a river: finding fearlessness in the face of change”
Prepare to be transported by Bodhipaksa’s stories, wisdom and soft-creamy voice.
Such a cool and humourous guy !
And his voice…
Ok fine, I am jealous !
Discover how his quest to find a sense of meaning and to suffer less led him to Buddhism in the end of the 70’s…in freakin’ Scotland !
A time and a place where making such an unusual choice could get you in serious trouble as Tim pointed out.
And even better…
Bodhipaksa shares with us some meditation technics and provides valuable advise on how to start practicing, with the goal to find peace and happiness from within.
How’s that for a motivation !
And despite the spiritual and cryptic podcast title, this episode will give you so much clarity on what you can do next.
Yes, this episode is the shit !

Living as a River

It is very hard for me to criticise Buddhism.
I just listen to someone like Jack Kornfield or Bodhipaksa, and I unveriably find myself nodding at everything they say.
Their openess.
Their humour.
Sometimes really sarcarstic.
And that counts a lot.
Come on, would any spiritual teacher would come with a “threesome” joke like Bodhi in the podcast?
What do you think ?
But that’s not all.
Their compassion.
Their view on our materialistic life.
Their on-going dialog with science
By the way, I won’t bother you with the amount of scientifically proven benefits about meditation…
Their view on the impermanence of life and the root cause of suffering.

Even their woo-woo about the cycle of rebirth is somehow more acceptable.
Yeah, somehow.
Sort of…
If we had to compare all the woo-woo out there.

Have a listen and let us know in the comments section if you would challenge anything that Bodhipaksa has mentioned on the show.
Don’t hesitate…

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