Live A Life You Love

Live A Life You Love

Mark Leruste used to have, by todays’ standards, a “dream job” involving traveling the world, meeting Presidents and getting loads of cash…
And he walked away from it.
What ??!
Just imagine, at 23 years old, been offered to live every 4 to 6 months in a different country to interview Presidents/Ministers/CEOs, all expenses paid up, having a chauffeur and a cook, staying in luxurious accommodations and hang-out with A-Listers.
All that.
And he walked away from it.
What the fuck ?!!
I know people ready to do illegal things like smuggling baby Chihuahuas in coffee jars to have such an opportunity.
So, did he receive insiders hints with all his supreme connections, invest in dirty stocks and become a billionaire ?

No, something far more courageous.

He walked away because he felt just miserable living a life so far apart from his values and true calling.
So now what ?
Mark is a coach (yeah, another one of those, damn), writer, podcaster and works also for a men’s health charity.
The one asking you grow some facial hair a particular month of the year.
By the way, something Tim cannot unfortunately do despite several unsuccessful attempts.
In any case, Mark made a drastic to change to his all materialist and flamboyant start.
And he invites you to follow his example and live a life you love.


Mark Lerust Book

Lately, we have been debating with Tim how we can broaden our audience.
The mythical quest every podcaster is on, searching desperately for clues which will gave us the competitive advantage.
Should we shorten the episodes? Should we go video? Should we be more professional?
What is the secret sauce for success ?
All because we feel pressurized to get more subscribers and listeners.
And despite just loving what we do, we cannot shake this feeling of failure.
Somehow, we are failing because we don’t have a decent audience.
All about numbers.
The only measure of success as commonly accepted.
And it is not enough.
And if it is not enough, we aren’t enough.

However, listening back to this episode, I am just fucking happy.
It’s exactly how I pictured the Raw Voices Podcast to be.
An alternative to the slick, professional, scripted shows.
All chaotic, imperfect, authentic, funny and interesting.
Just like life really.
We have been told -brainwashed- so many times how a broadcast should be .
But listening to Mark’s extraordinary adventures while Tim was experiencing a huge storm and me interrupting randomly, I cannot help it : it feels so right to me.
There, I said it.

This is what we experienced while recording the show : we didn’t want it to end !
The atmosphere, the conversation and the connection…everything was there.
And it is a good reminder of what it is important.
What feels right.
Exactly the point made by Mark.
Despite everything been perfect -or not- on paper or according to peer pressure, ask yourself : does it feel right ?
Does it ?
Yes, listen to your heart more than your head.

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