Letting Go of Ego

Letting Go of Ego

At some stage, during the conversation, at about 29 mins to be precise, something incredible happened.
Tim didn’t know what to say.
I know !
It is difficult to believe, but it did really happen.
The proof is there, in the recording.
He stays for 3 seconds silent.
Looking for something witty to say.
And nothing…
Then, Tim actually admits it :”I have nothing witty to say”
At that moment, I could have kissed him : he was just great !


Few days ago, I was crying my heart out, lying on a slim mattress in the Brazilian jungle
And now, back in Dubai, I was tired, jet lagged and full of love.
Yes, that bad.
Still really impacted by my ayahusca journey.
I couldn’t see myself going on “raw voices mode” with Tim.
I wasn’t ready yet.

But we had scheduled the call just before I went to Brazil.
So I was there, fighting the fatigue and remembering what Tim said back then :”we needed to be great”
Get noticed.
Raising the bar.
Slowly building an audience.

What “great” meant for us ?
Difficult, isn’t it ?
It wasn’t really about quality, professionalism and expertise.
Nor about pace, preparation and killer jokes.
“Great” had another meaning
So difficult to achieve.
A constant work.

Great was about authenticity and humour.
Keep reminding ourself not to lose that.
And some good indicators telling us we are on the right track are:

– Laughing at ourselves.
– Failing.
– Not taking things seriously.
– Admitting we are wrong.
– Telling things as they are.
– Not judging (yeah, this one is taugh).
– Swearing (our forte).
– Being true to ourselves.
– Being open, accepting and understanding.
– Expressing our feeling.
– Staying humble (oh fuck, good luck with that!).
– Connecting with others.
– Letting go of ego.

How fucking difficult !
I doubt that our recipe, so different from the podcasting best practices, will bring us any fame and fortune.
Not that we are looking for those anyway.
But at least we have a clear sailing direction.
And who knows what will happen along the way…

Now, if you excuse me I will blast this awesome song from Frozen in my living room.

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Olivier Larvor