Let’s Talk About Death

Let’s Talk About Death

Authors of the book :”Let’s Talk about Death: Asking the Questions That Profoundly Change the Way We Live and Die“, Irene Kacandes and Steve Gordon have shared an open and honest discussion about a topic that most of us try to avoid but that everyone will face eventually : Death !
And on the Raw Voices Podcast, we just love talking about our mortality.
Not in a dark and twisted way, but really more as a tool to live a better life.

Irene is the Dartmouth Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College.
Steve is a massage therapist and the founder, executive director, and primary massage therapist for a nonprofit program called The Hand to Heart Project, which provides free in-home massage and compassionate touch to people with advanced cancer.
And both have been awesome guests, enduring our silliness and Tim been 30 mins late (because, well he just took a nap).

An insightful episode that will make you see death from another perspective.

Some topics we have covered:

– Why Irene and Steve wanted to originally call the book “The Gift of Mortality” ?
– How Irene reacted when she has been diagnosed with cancer ?
– What so great about death anyway ?
– Why it is so important to have conversations about death ?

Check out the Video of our conversation below (or use this Link)

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