Laugh at Yourself

Laugh at Yourself

When Tim forwarded me Monica Hammond’s podcast request to talk about her new web-serie “Get a Life Coach”, I was far from being excited.
Not like him I must say, see I don’t have any Hollywood unfulfilled dreams
No, I was just stuck in my douchey corner.
Thinking :”Here we go again, another one ridiculing coaching without knowing anything about it”
Just great, this is exactly what we need.
As if we don’t have enough haters bashing coaches, propagating the wrong idea and blindly dismissing an entire profession by calling us a bunch of incompetent con artists.
Will we ever be taken seriously ?
And suddenly, I realised what I was doing…
I realised I was just a douchebag that couldn’t laugh at himself.
Monica was actually really funny.


The things is : we totally deserve the ridicule !
No seriously.
I mean look at this name.
Oh come on now !
How can’t you take the piss at it.
Even “the weirdos who asks powerful questions” would have been a better name than this shit.
I cannot even introduce myself without promptly mentioning :”But you know, a coach doesn’t give advices and will never tell you what to do”
And then, you get the :”Ok, but…what do you do then ?!”

Most of the time people comes to coaching without knowing what to expect.
Tim actually mentioned it during our very first podcast years ago (which was really a worthless interview),
People will ask him :”Why should I pay someone to tell me what to do ? I don’t need that !”
And he will invariably reply :”Good, because this is not what I do !”
This freaking name.
Confusing and ridiculous.

But then, do you really know what everyone does ?
Let’s take some random job offers, and see if we can guess what would be their main activity :

– Business Development Executive
– Global Market Assistant VP
– Senior Quantity Surveyor
– Relationship Manager Corporate
– Stakeholder Manager
– Designated Credit Officer
– Strategic Analysis Manager
– Lead Loss Prevention Engineer
– ERP Auditor

Do you know ?
I am clueless.

Well fine, I know, I am totally missing the point as coaches need to get clients.
They should be able to appeal to everyone.
It should be clear enough for everyone to know.
Bottom line, for coaches, it comes down to : “Book me, even if you have no clue what I do ! No waiiitttt ! I promise, it will be awesome !”

Actually, if you present your case to any marketing professional what do you think would be their reaction
Something like :
So let me get this straight, nobody understands what you exactly do and actually thinks it is something else because of the of your profession name ?
Right..mmmhhhh…taught one…I don’t know…what to do, what to do…ok !
Hear me out.
I am throwing this crazy-out-of-box-never-done-before suggestion and then you tell me if it is too wild and insane..
Ok, here we go :
Can you just change the name to something more appropriate ?!!

We totally deserve to be ridiculed with our name, with our lack of regulations, with the incompetents who believe that after a week of pseudo-training, they can become a “weirdo who can ask powerful questions”.
And one thing is for sure: we won’t be taken seriously if we are not able to laugh at ourselves first.

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Olivier Larvor