James Altucher is a Legend

James Altucher is a…

James Altucher is a living Legend.
Hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, best selling author, blogger, podcaster…you name it, he has done it all.
And what is so special about him ?
Well, you know, the usual stuff with really successful people.
A common thing.
Ah, you know…

Failure !
James has failed so many times in his ventures that it would get any City banker or CEO ashamed, traumatized and ready to crawl in the deepest hole out of embarrassement.
Something like that.

But not James.
James shares openely all his failure stories and turns them into inspiring posts, books or podcast episodes.
And it is no secret : we have been inspired on the Raw Voices Podcast by James Altucher’s authenticity and vulnerability.
He is our role model.
And to have him finally on our show is a dream come true.
Absolutely !

So, get on board and enjoy James lecturing Tim on how to write better blog post (Note: I think I can use the advise as well), telling what he has learnt when he met Tony Robbins, explaining why buying a house is really a bad investment and why getting a college degree is totally useless.
Oh Yeah !
A Legend !


choose yourself

It shouldn’t be a surprise.
When we started the Raw Voices Podcast adventure, the first guest we absolutely wanted on the show was James Altucher.
Our hero.
So much authenticity.
So much wisdom.
So much self-awareness.
And how he was calling out the BS served to us all on daily basis, fucking amazing !
A Legend, I tell you.
We had to have him on the podcast.
A must !

Tim said:”leave it to me”
Of course.
Tim likes to show he has big balls.
So what he says.
We don’t have this kind of relationship so that you know.

Tim was confident he could pull this off.
Bring James Altucher to the podcast.
So, he prepared and sent one of the best ever writen email I’ve seen from him.
So good.
A piece of art.
Brilliant stuff.
It was a done deal for sure.
How could James refuse such clever invitation now ?
How ?

Well, he obviously could : we didn’t get any answer back.

Oh well.
Not discouraged at all, Tim tried again, and again, and again…
For 6 months.
And nothing.
It actually became a regular joke on the podcast.
Will James ever respond to us ?
Just imagine, 6 months of regular tentatives, and nothing.

Honestly, we were really desappointed, almost feeling betrayed.
To the point of Tim sending me an email with the subject line :”James Altucher is a [CENSORED]”
And believe me, he didn’t write [LEGEND].
It was understandable though.
How can James just ignore us ?

At this point, I have to admit, I gave up.
I was done, it was over.
We would never have him.
We had to move on.
What else ?

But just like in the movies, the miracle happened.
We finally found out the reason: the email address Tim used wasn’t read by James at all.
Fuck !
And with the new email address, James answered back in 30 mins !

So, you probably think : 6 months for nothing, wasting our time, right ?
Well, not really, the entire experience really helped Tim and I to bound, and to learn from each over.
To have a common objective.
To be supportive with each other.
Sure, we have failed for 6 months.
And look now.
We are happy like bunnies on ecstasy.
Confident we can have other big names on our show.
It is fucking possible !

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