How To Transform Your Personal Relationships

How To Transform Your Personal Relationships

Certified coach, founder of and self-employed expert, Corrina Gordon-Barnes has decided to give up her thriving business and start from scratch all over again.
Inspired by The Work of Byron Katie, Corrina questioned her thoughts and assumptions, and finally found the peace she was looking for.
Corrina now works with open-minded men and women who want to move beyond being triggered in their important relationships.
Mother, father, partner, brother, sister, child – they want to find peace and connection in any close relationship where their buttons get pushed.
Corrina supports them to be the best version of themselves in their important relationships.

Some topics we have discussed with Corrina:

– Why Corrina decided to give up her thriving business?
– What is the Work of Byron Katie?
– Why Corrina does need only one person in the relationship to work with?
– Who is the person who makes you miserable 100% of the time?
– Why Tim has a serious relationship issue with Donald Trump?

Check out the Video of our conversation below (or use this Link). PLEASE NOTE: we experienced connection issues during the recording, the sound quality is therefore not perfect. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

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