olivierOlivier is an HR Project Manager, musician in an obscure indie band, guitar collector, ICF certified coach, failed writer, father of two boys and most of a time, an arrogant ass.

Although French, Olivier has lived in Bulgaria, Ireland, the UK, the UAE (Dubai) and has visited many countries to realize that experiencing different culture is the most valuable thing in the world.

In 2010, he has been told that his youngest son was autistic which awaken him from his “let’s-be-successful” zombie state and made him go back to the fundamental questions.

Olivier is now on a learning journey, trying not to take things too seriously, exchanging with awesome people (with his bad broken English and somehow sexy accent), discussing about life, death, culture, self-development and other cool shit.

tim2Tim is an English born Life Coach who couldn’t hack the cold weather and so moved to Florida where he still complains it’s too cold at times.

He is long on opinions and short on hair but he does know his shit when it comes to Coaching, NLP and general self development. He has even had a book published in China – or so he says.

When not swearing, telling jokes and/or listening to young peoples music he blogs at A Daring Adventure and Coach the Life Coach.