Happiness In The Workplace

Happiness In The Workplace

An amazing podcast !
An absolute must.
Alexander Kjerulf, CEO at Woohoo inc, author of “Happy Hour is 9 to 5” and consultant on happiness in the workplace is our guest on this episode.
Yes !!!
Happiness in the fucking workplace !
Forget everything you have been told.
Forget archaic concepts such as work life/balance, or play hard/work hard.
Forget your corporate benefits like massages, free fresh fruits and coffee.
It is way more than that
Way more

I can’t even described how thrilled I am about this podcast.
I couldn’t wait another week -and respect the bi-weekly release pace-.
It had to be out there.
Now !
One of my favourite subject of all time (of course, beside death that is !).
Happiness in the workplace.

Alex Book

I remember one of my very first Economy class at the Lyon III University.
The professor explained that the word “Travail” (work in french) came from the latin root “Tripalium”
And what tripalium means ?
Well, tripalium is an instrument of torture.
The subject of the torture would be tied to the tripalium and burnt with fire.
Oh, just great.

That’s it.
There’s no better image to describe the work culture I’ve been raised into.
In France, the workplace was a mix of extreme hierarchy, absurd bureaucracy, repetitive tasks, stagnation and very rare career progression opportunities.
It was hell !
Ok, I am maybe too harsh.
Not hell.
Just a Kafkayesque environment.
An elitist organization where the selected few with the right family background, network and diplomas could get the good positions.
The rest, well…
Too fucking bad !
Yeah, ok, I am too harsh.

The “dream job” for a vast majority was to become a civil servant and get the job security, the extra holidays and the early retirement.
Oh yes, work was seen as a painful obligation and the only thing that really mattered was to get to retirement age as soon as possible.
And then, only then, you could have some good times.
The only thing you could expect.
One of the recurrent question was to ask your colleague how far they were from retirement.
You couldn’t go wrong with this.
What a fucking life !

It just sucked.
It was static.
I couldn’t even breathe : after 9 months in my first job in an audit and accounting firm, and despite my parents disapproval :”Are you crazy, you have a job !”…I quite and emigrated to Ireland.
There must be something more than this.
Something different.
It must be.
And thank God there was !

And now that we understand that businesses focusing only on shareholders and on profits are inefficient, toxic and precarious.
Now that we have the confirmation that we will hardly get a pension -as the system is broke-.
Now that we realise our alarming and catastrophic impact on the environment.
Now that we know that money and materialism aren’t the way to happiness.
How about a paradigm shift ?
Isn’t it time ?
What is the life we want to live ?

Let’s strive for happiness !
Even better: at work !

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