World cup photographer

Go and Meet People

Episode 13.
13 !!!
Yeah right.
We should have known better.
Bad luck ?
Well, it started along those lines.
The guest we had scheduled -a month ago- was a no show…

“He must have a good excuse” I thought.
“He better be dead !” said Tim.
We have different styles.

We had two choices really.
To cancel
Or to do one of our famous duets.
Just like in the beginning.

Tim said:”Fuck this, let me check if I can get someone”
And the magic happened.
Thank you Twitter !
Out of nowhere, photographer and digital artist Antti Karppinen jumped immediately on board.

Antti has actually quite an impressive CV.
Such as being awarded best portrait photographer in Finland.
But not only that.
Being the fucking Photographic World Cup finalist !
Jesus !

By the way, did you know that there is Photographic World Cup ?
I had no clue…

And you would imagine Antti being sort of a show off with such credentials.
Well, not at all.
Antti is extremely humble and very quick to dismiss all his prizes.

He likes to define himself as a storyteller.
Using amazing skills to come with impressive cinematographic images.
With the ultimate goal to work for the Marvel Studio one day.

And there’s one thing that I really loved about what Antti said :
Success is not so much derived from your technical abilities, but really from the people you meet.
Antti’s motto is to go out and meet people.
Go out and helping people without knowing who they are.
Sharing freely what he knows.
Practicing a sort of gift economy.

And there’s no doubt Antti helped us.
Despite Tim and I struggling with this conversation and sucking ass, Antti was there for us.
Giving freely his time.

So please, have a listen to Antti’s wise words and have a look at his work below.

Oh, if you want to know, our no-show guest was cooking chili for his friends.
That’s why he totally forgot us.
Fair enough, a damn’ good excuse !
He will be on the next podcast then.

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Olivier Larvor