Free Money For Everyone

Free Money For Everyone

Rutger Bregman has a big vision for humanity: a basic income for everyone.
You read this correctly, FREE MONEY, enough to pay for food and shelter, for all of us.
Sounds totally insane and impossible to achieve?
Not so fast, Rutger has enough arguments to convince you that it is one of the best hope we have, and we should adopt this progressive idea straight away.
Historian by training, Rutger is the author of “Utopia for Realists: the case for universal basic income, open borders and 15H”.
It seems rather surreal to talk about an universal basic income when everything today looks so bad.
Well, that’s actually the point.
We need hope, we need a direction, we need a vision of progress.
And right now is the best moment actually.
So let’s challenge our belief system and listen to Rutger.

Some topics we have discussed:
– What is a basic income?
– What are the benefits of implementing a basic income?
– Will everyone stop working?
– Why are we so resistant with this idea?
– Why the 15H work week is something we should expect in the future?

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