Fragmented Chat with Lee Camp

Fragmented Chat with Lee Camp

Stand-up comedian, activist, and host of the excellent news show “Redacted Tonight“, Lee Camp took the time in his busy life to drop by on our pathetic podcast.
Yes, the immense Lee Camp !
The comedian…
And no, not the football player like Tim thought at the beginning.

Thanks to our good friend Katie Goodman, we have been lucky to exchange with him…erratically!
And when I say erratically, I mean it has been such a challenge to offer you this episode, you wouldn’t believe.

Technology just sucks !
I know I am complaining like a spoiled idiot while I am typing on my beloved laptop.
Ouuuuhhhh, my shiny laptop, such a beauty.
Yeah, such an irony really.
But I cannot help but questioning people who suggest that we will be saved by technology, when at the same time, we still have crawling networks, software crashes and infamous Skype calls !
Oh no, not the Skype calls !!!
Good luck to us all with geoengineering then…

Anyhow,for this episode, we just have a Youtube version to offer you (no audio at all).
And believe me, it is already a damn’ miracle !
So, don’t be surprised by all the hiccups and me suddenly becoming silent.
As you know, we keep everything in our show…so, I let you discover what happened.

And please, don’t wait to watch our show !
Who knows if it will still be there in couple of days.

Here are some of the topics we have discussed:

– What are Lee’s 2015 top stories who haven’t been covered by the mainstream media ?
– How does he manage to marry comedy and activism without loosing his sanity ?
– Can Donald Trump win the US election ?
– What are his main concerns and fights for 2016 ?
– Will we see another popular movement like Occupy Wall Street in 2016 ?
– What……I cannot hear you……this is totally shit !

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How you can find out more about Lee Camp:

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