East, West and In-Between

East, West and In-Between

Razwana Wahid is a copywriter at Relentless Movement and a talented blogger exploring East/West identity conflict.
Raz had recently an article published in the Huffington Post titled :”The Truth About Arranged Marriages“, having been herself through this real difficult experience.

Born in Yorkshire, England to Pakistani parents and now living in Paris, Raz writes brilliantly -and with heart- about her experience, the discoveries and the big questions she still has being in-between two cultures.
The East and the West.

“Write Brilliantly”
I mean, not like me.

So please don’t waste more time, and listen to this awesome episode.
And don’t think for a second that this podcast will be heavy, sad and depressing.
Au contraire !
We had so much fun.

Some topics we have covered :
– How Raz ended up in a arranged marriage ?
– What the death of her dad taught her ?
– What are her advise for any entrepreneur wannabe  ?
– Why the young generation of Muslims still don’t drink in front of their parents ?
– And who the hell is this Keith Clarke ?

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