Death Cafe

Death Cafe

In this episode, Jon Underwood, founder of the Death Cafe concept, explains us his radical idea which has generated a growing movement, with more than 2000 gatherings across 31 countries so far.
Oh, a very simple idea indeed.
People meeting to have a hot beverage, some cake and discussing openly about death.
How cool !
Ok, I hear you : Death again ?!
A fundamental topic that, according to Jon, has the potential to change our world for the better.
Improving our lives.
Shifting our focus to what’s really important.
Connect us with others.
Removing the bullshit.
And you know what ?
I totally support Jon’s message.
How surprising…
So grab a coffee, get comfortable and have a listen to this awesome episode.


Jon Underwood 3

Jon Underwood


Death and the idea of dying has really shaped my personality.
No question about it.
It has been one of the essential building blocks.
Is it weird to say that ?
I can’t deny it though.
And I don’t think I am alone here.

Death has terrified me as kid.
The idea of the unknown and the -possible- annihilation of my consciousness.
Terrifying for sure.
There wasn’t any night were I didn’t think about my own death.
What the hell will happen to me ?
Undeniably, I could see…
I could see “nothing”.
Nothing really.
The most logical thing.
And the pain was unbearable.

This death awareness sort of awakened me and pushed me to question the numbness of our society.
To express myself in a more artistic way.
Why do you think I started playing the guitar (beside seducing girls) ?
Yeah, thank you Death !

But then, with age, it sort of faded away.
The fear, the questioning, all that…pouf !
So I stupidly thought I had it under control.
Until very recently.
What an idiot I was.
Funny how death is coming back actually.
Now that I am “dead on” my middle life crisis (I know, my pun really suck).
Fucking 40 !

Reality is, I am not controlling anything.
I’ve never had.
More than ever, I know death is here, present.
Oh yes, really present.
But instead of fearing it, I am using it as a motivator.
As a bullshit detector.
And it really helps.
Just like Jon said in the podcast.

So, with death in mind, what choice would you have made ?
What do you really want to do now ?

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