The Da Vinci Curse

The Da Vinci Curse

Author of “The Da Vinci Curse: Life Design for People With Too Many Interests and Talents”, Leonardo Lospennato has been voodooed himself.
Judge by yourself, Leo is a computer engineer, a luthier, a judo blue belt, a lover of mathematics, a magazine editor, a polyglot, a journalist, an ex-IBMer and a writer.
So many interests, so many things he loves to do.
And that can be a problem for sure.
Exactly what the “Da Vinci Curse” is about, people with many talents, multiple passions and sometimes contradictory interests, no knowing what to focus on, what to specialize in.
Being eternal amateurs in many domains.

And you may be cursed too!
You may be one of us (yes because I have also the same condition)
You may be wanting, for instance, to work with kids, and teaching, and making jewelry, and coaching, and being a scuba diver, and fly a plane, and be in a movie, and play an instrument…
An endless list.
So, if you recognize yourself in this description, this episode is for you!
Believe me, you won’t regret it and you will fell in love with Leo and his accent (damn’, I believe his is sexier than mine)
BTW, Tim had a hair implants surgery scheduled so he couldn’t make it, but instead I had the pleasure to be with Raz from the Relentless Movement (if you have haven’t listened to her podcast, make sure to do so!)

Some topics we have discussed with Leonardo:
– What is the Da Vinci curse and what we can do about it?
– What is the difference between a person with multiple interests and a person with one focus?
– Why is important not to be a spectator in our lives?
– Why at some point, we should stop being students?
– What is the best-kept secret of most luthiers?
– Why if Da Vinci was still alive, he would make crappy movies?

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