How to Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant !

International speaker, success coach and best selling author Michael Heppell decided to stop by and have a chat with us.
You may think that a man with all these attributes could possibly suffer from a “Diva Complex”.
Something similar to what Tim has.
But hell no !
Michael is a genuine, warm and funny man.

There’s one very clear value about him being on the podcast : we have finally one episode that makes sense !
See, as a speaker, Michael gave us a lecture and has showed us how true professionals do this shit !
So, if you finally understand what we are talking about, it is entirely due to this man.
Merci Michael.

By the way, I have to agree with what Michael mentioned in the Podcast: the very name “speaker” as for “motivational speaker” sounds really silly.
Very similar to “coach” as for “life or executive coach”.
But at the same time, how fascinating that in today’s age where technologie is so present, you still need to have one man talking in front of an audience to get inspiration, to learn things, to move into action…
Think about it, we still need this very basic thing: connection !
Human connection.
And I don’t see this going away.

And I just love how Michael is physcally almost the opposite of what we think a motivational speaker should be.
No offence Michael.
Ok, fine, I’ve probably offended you
This preconceived idea of a tall, taugh and a “voice on steroids” man.
I am pretty sure you all know who I am referring too now.
Oh yes !
It is in the podcast anyway…

Michael has something much more important : authenticity, humor and kindness.
Way more important.
Way more important than being a modern day spartan.
So yes, Tony Robbins should shit his pants!

Fuck, another guest we will never have now…

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