Back To The Essence ?

Back To The Essence ?

On this episode, a respectful and classy debate with CPCC coach, CTI supervisor, writer, musician and actor, Troy Yorke, founder of the master coach class series “Emergent Essence Dynamics”.
And by respectful and classy debate, I obviously mean a good old dirty argument with names thrown at each others.
Really ?
Well, sadly no.
It would have been fun though.
What we have on this podcast is something in between.
“Respectfully dirty”.
With Donald Trump, the case for coaching psychopaths and Quantum Physics in it.
Yeah, grab some popcorn and just listen for yourself.

Everything started very well.
As usual.
Like in any other episode, I would deliver a very poor intro, forgetting half of what I wanted to say.
I would look for words, distort them and sound like a complete idiot.
Tim would interrupt me and mock me without mercy.
And then, he would talk continuously until the end of the episode, letting small air time for the guest to agree on what he has just said.
Pretty much it.
All laughing.
All in agreement.
All good.
And that’s a wrap.
All done, next !

But it hasn’t been the case here.
Oh sure, I screwed up the intro, no miracle here.
But we were not in agreement.
See, Troy has strong metaphysical/spiritual beliefs.
He would use a colorful vocabulary such as “Transcendental Self”, “Pure Potential”, “Etheric and Astral bodies”, “Divine Larger Soul”, “1st Sphere of the tree of life”…
Fuck me, I don’t even think I have ever pronounced such words in my life so far.
So just imagine the opposition of beliefs here.

Ok, you may legitimately ask why inviting Troy if he wasn’t part of our rational gang then ?
Well, first, the tagline of Raw Voices is :”Authentic Conversations and Alternative Perspectives”
How about some alternative perspectives then ?
We have already had Aurianna Joy who is also very spiritual.
And the reality is, in this coaching industry, we have plenty of people sharing Troy’s belief.
So why not hearing them and understanding them…without judging.
Although, the “without judging” is the hardest part 🙂

Second and most importantly for me, Troy is an awesome coach !
Really, really good and an inspiration to me as he uses provocation as a coaching tool to get the clients back to the essence.
And I’ve no problem at all to enroll in his Master Coaching Classes despite his metaphysical views.
I am actually so looking forward to it, eager to learn more.
By the way, if you are not convinced by Troy’s talent, please have a look at his demo HERE.

And, hold on to your seat, we might have Troy coming back for a very special episode : A full coaching session on Tim !
I don’t know you, but I would like to see what Tim’s “essence” looks like.
My bet : he is still a complete dick.
Jesus, I am joking !

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