About Money

About Money

We are getting better at this.
We suck less !
Well, at least I feel we are.
And actually, there’s another feeling : excitement, doing something that we enjoy.
Without having any pressure to compromise,
Really free to say and to explore anything we want without external pressure.
Free to fuck-up the entire thing.
I know, didn’t I say we are getting better at this ?


During the podcast, I mentioned Dan Pena and the episode he recorded for London Real in April this year.
What a fucking character !
Dan Pena claims having generated about 50 billions dollars through his mentees and his mentorship program.
And, of course, he has the proofs…
Little I knew that he would get back a second time on London Real, a week after we recorded this podcast with Tim.
So I watched the almost 3 hours long show all devoted to Dan Pena’s ideology.
I watched him explained again how money is the only tangible and factual measure of success.
How he would violently break his mentees during his 10,000£ -8 days- workshop held in his Scottish Castle.
How he advises to get rid of all the friends who drag us down and stick around the superstars.
That, in fact, we should only be around peak performers and we shouldn’t waste our time around people that don’t help achieving our goals.
Insisting on how important is to assemble a winning team to generate our future millions and work 80 to 100 hours a week.
Yeah, holidays are for pussies.
All for the money.
All for the success.
All for the fame.

Dan Pena.
All very pragmatic, arrogant, hardcore, aggressive, swearing a lot…
And the most fascinating of all : not having a single doubt about everything he was saying.
I couldn’t even dislike the guy, he had some very good points and intentions : he was really about pushing everyone to fulfill their potential…only by getting the money.
And I was noticing how much his ideas were aligned with today’s’ materialistic, competitive and individualistic standard narrative.
Dan Pena, the 70 years old business guru totally in sync with his time, supporting the “it’s all about me, I fucking deserve to be wealthy because I matter, you hear me : I matter”
How can we not join him ?
It is so appealing !
The money.
The immediate gratification.
Give it to me, now !
Shit, currently, I even make more noise about the London Real’s podcast than ours.
See how it works ?
And what’s the alternative anyway ?
What else can we do ?

There’s is one for sure.
Even it is totally ridiculed nowadays.
Enduring constant sarcasms.
The alternative.
Expressed by Jack Kornfield and his path of Heart.
Because, deep down, we all know it.
Truth is :It has never been about the money !

It has never been about the money.
We all know it.

It has always been about love.
It has always been about us, together, all of us.
It has always been about compassion and care.
It has always been about connexions and belonging.
Learning, exploring, creating…
Our humanity.
Deep down, we all know it.

At the very end of the interview, Dan said :”Once dead, I want to be known as the best high performance coach who has ever lived”.

Deep down.
We all know it.

It has never been about the money.

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Olivier Larvor